Plug-in Name: jQuery Spinner Control
Developer: Anant Anand Gupta | MindzGroup Technologies
Description: Developed this plug-in to Spin the given values in text type input.
Note:Please goto for updates as this site is no longer updated.
Converts the text input to a spinner control. This plugin works fine with for the post backs.
Important Features
  • Spin a number range:
    Provide a range of numbers with an interval to spin these values.
  • Spin a text list:
    Provide a list of comma separated values to spin these values.
  • Looping Spinner:
    once you reach to the end, it can automatically start over again and vice verse.
Simply call the SpinnerControl() method on the input of text type as shown in the example below:
The above code is the default implementation of the spinner control which renders a range type spinner having a min value of 1 max value of 10 with an interval of 1. Here is another example of the usage:
            list:'Item 1,Item 2,Item 3'
        defaultVal:'Item 1',